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How do I choose a low loss 100/200/400 cable 2011-11-01
You need a cable (WIFI-Link Pre-made Low Loss Cable) to run from the antenna to your router/AP or WIFI-Link USB Adapter. The number higher the cable is thicker & better. The Low Loss 400 cable is bigge than the Low Loss 200 cbale. The Low Loss 200 cable is bigger than the Low Loss 100 cable. The shorter the cable the better to minimise signal loss. » Low Loss 100 cable: Diameter 2.70mm & Pre-made length up to 1 meter » Low Loss 200 cable: Diameter 4.97mm & Pre-made length up to 7 meter » Low Loss 400 cable: Diameter 10.30mm & Pre-made length up to 30 meter

How to boost my broadband router wifi range? 2011-11-01
First thing, please make sure that your router has detachable antenna(s), otherwise you will also need an AP (Access Point) to make a connector. Please unscrew a antenna of your broadband router, and then connect WIFI-Link antenna to your broadband router via a Pre-made low loss cable. An AP is a router with slightly different settings that plugs into the broadband router via internet cable (RJ45 cable). The antennas can be attached to the AP and this AP attached to the broadband router. For more info, please visit

How to tell a connector type of my router? 2011-11-01
Please see below guide to find out your connector type.

How to extend my laptop/pc wifi range? 2011-11-01
Below is the method: (1) → Download a USB driver & Turn off your built-in WIFI in your LAPTOP/PC (2) → Connect a WIFI-Link Antenna to USB adapter via a Pre-made LLC cable (N male to RP SMA male type) (3) → Plug the set (an antenna + a USB adapter + a cable) into your PC/LAPTOP via a USB cable. *Please make sure a WIFI USB adapter is compatible with a version of your LAPTOP/PC.

2.4GHz U-Tenna™ OMNI 8dBi Antenna 2009-06-07
I purchased from your company on 12 May, I wish to thank you for an excellent product, so good that I have not needed the complete kit. I get a better signal at work from an unknown source than I do at home from the hub 12 feet from my Laptop. These products are excellent, if any person wants further details please feel free to email me. Thanks again. Noel from Lincoln

500mW Wireless USB Adapter with 9dBi Dipole 2009-06-02
hi, thanks for the response but i bought your 500mw usb and 9dbi dipole im very impressed with the quality and the service i will be useing you again your products do what they say. thanks philip (happy customer)from Halifax

Wifi at a Price--Cheap 2009-06-01
500mW Wireless USB Adapter with 9dBi Dipole
Hi people, just to let anyone one know who is interested in wifi products, i stumbled on a site which can match the European Sellers with price and quality of wifi equipment. frankly the site i found the quality of there products is a lot better than the rest of the crowd. The site is wifi link technologies, they are customer friendly and prompt to awnser any queries you may have on any of there products. I recently purchased a 500mw usb wifi adapter with 9 dbi dipole and couldnt believe the distance this adapter gained,definately well pleased and would recommend this product , you will not be dissapointed.I live in a bungalow in a built up area and was having trouble connecting to hotspots which were around 1 mile away, not anymore he he with this little beauty well worth the money, no connection problems anymore, check out the site ?????????.

500mW Wireless USB Adapter with 9dBi Dipole 2009-05-30
hi guys, just a short message to say thanks, i received your product and was well pleased.. i will be purchasing from you again.. first class... Michael from Buckinghamshire

500mW WLAN USB adapter + 5 dBi free 2009-05-19
Hi - I just wanted to tell you that the 'wifi aerial thing' I bought from you is FANTASTIC. It picks up the internet signal in our holiday caravan in Scotland. Thank you so much for your advice......and for sending the correct solution to my request. Also, it was simple to set up and use. Cheers Jean

500mW USB adapter + PANEL 14dBi + Assembly 5M 2009-05-16
Hello virginia I have recieved my USB adaptor today, and it seems to be working perfectly, the signal has always been strong and have had no problems with disconnection. i am also pleased that the kit also doubles as a portable antenna too So im very happy that the problem has been resolved. thankyou for the great service and help. Brendan

500mW Wireless USB Adapter with 9dBi Dipole 2009-04-18
HI, I received my goods today and it works amazingly well, the signal has been improved from an on-off 1 bar to a constant 4 bars! Thanks for the speedy delivery and fantastic service. I will be recommending you. Kind Regards Grant

2.4GHz U-Tenna™ OMNI 8dBi Antenna 2009-02-06
many thanks for excellent wifi anntenna used it for 6 month with no probs works great even in snow at -19.7 degrees






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